Our mission is to create a fairer and transparent financial system for the world

About DT&T

We are building the most trusted and reliable platform for everyday people and business owners for moving their funds globally with peace of mind.

We do so by building a solution that delivers a simple, affordable and excellent service to our clients and their end users. We want to ensure our clients can trust and depend on our user-friendly platform to make their money transactions with a fantastic support team on standby for assistance.

Our Story

The company was founded by Dayo and Abi Taiwo, to build an efficient and transparent financial platform for everyday people and business owners to send money abroad. Since then, the journey has been immense with several milestone achievements.

With a small group of technology experts, we built a world class customer focused payment platform, that meets our customers’ demands of 24/7 access to moving money across the world through their smartphone. This redefines simplicity, reliability and security of payments, letting our customers move their funds worldwide with peace of mind.

Today, we continue grow our team as we spread across the world, in major cities with great talent. We now handle transactions in 39 currencies and delivering payments to 180 countries.

Our Values


We strive to maintain consistency in delivering superior experience and service, and remind ourselves that we can always do more for our customers.


We never stop investing in the future and look to always improve and grow.


We honour our commitments and take reliability and personal responsibility seriously. We will always do our best to make things better, pursue excellence and be answerable for our actions.


We celebrate individuality and appreciate our unique differences.


We share our success by committing to help those who need it.


Good or bad, we share openly and work to build trust within our team and with our customers.